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My Mental Breakdown Mug 15oz

My Mental Breakdown Mug 15oz

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Mental Breakdown cup/mug

Did you know that of the 50,000 thoughts we have every day, 80% of them are negative and reside in the subconscious?

Positive affirmations can transform your thoughts so you can create the reality you want.

Great gift idea for a social worker , counselor, therapist etc!

Anyone going through a difficult time in their life, this mug is a great mug to make you or a special someone get through their tough times and know that it will be ok!

11oz ceramic mug

The Perfect mug for your loved one to practice your daily feel good affirmations

Mental Awareness/postive affirmations

This mug is made using a sublimation process creating a smooth, printed finish that won't peel nor fade.

Great for Iced coffees, Teas, hot coffee, or just add your favorite drink!

The print is sublimated directly into the metal which means NO STICKERS, NO LIFTING OR PEELING OF IMAGES.


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